Music- Student Information

What will I learn in Music?

Some of the things you will learn include:

  • About many types of music
  • How to read and write music
  • How to sing songs and maybe how to play an instrument

Also you school may have a choir or orchestra, which you may like to join.

Is learning Music anything like what I did in Primary school?

In Music in primary school, you may have been part of a school choir and/or school music group or orchestra. There, you started listening to, performing and composing music. In Junior Certificate Music you will become even better at these skills
Junior Cycle Music
The specification for Junior Cycle Music focuses on giving students the opportunity to develop their musical knowledge, skills and cultural awareness through the practical and cognitive engagement with music. There are three areas within which students will explore their musical skills. They are performing, listening and composing.

Students will engage in a range of classroom activities such as learning to play the ukulele and tin whistle, composing their own songs both individually and as part of a group, and they will also experience music from other countries. Students who choose music will also be equipped with the basic theory including the notes and values, how to read and write music, and how to compare different pieces that they listen to.

Senior Cycle Music
Music at Senior Cycle is also a choice subject. The course is divided into 3 main areas:
  • Performing – 25%
  • Composing – 25%
  • Listening – 25%
  • Higher Level elective – 25% (any one of the above)

Students will study four set works, which rotate every three years. These works cover a range of different genres. Students who choose music at senior cycle will have numerous opportunities to perform. Students will also learn to compose melodies and complete harmony questions. There is also a music technology option for students who would like to explore that are further. It falls under the performing category.

While it is advised that students taking music at senior cycle have some musical background, this is not essential, but it does help hugely when preparing for performances and understanding the basics.

Extra-Curricular Music
There are many opportunities outside of the classroom for students to get involved in music at St. Conleth’s Community College. Students do not have to study music in order to participate in extracurricular music.

The choir rehearse twice a week at lunchtime. Each term, the choir perform in our pop-up concerts which as the name suggests are not at the same time each term. Leading up to Christmas, the choir entertain at the White-water shopping centre in Newbridge. We have also competed at the Navan Choral Festival.

Instrumental group
The instrumental group rehearse once a week at lunchtime and are also regular performers at our pop-up concerts each term. Members of the instrumental group also entertain at the White-water shopping centre each Christmas.

Both groups perform a range of different styles of music. Students have an input in choosing their repertoire for graduations, concerts and solo performances.
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