Special Class for Autism

Cherry Centre:

The Cherry Centre is our ASD centre. It has two classes, 6 students in each, with 2 SNA’s (Special Needs Assistants) each. The classes are currently full, which means there are no spaces available until 2025/2026.

The purpose of the ASD class is to assist students with ASD to leave school with the skills necessary to participate, to the best of their ability, in an inclusive way in society and to live independent and fulfilled lives.

Students within the centre have the same access to the canteen and other facilities the school provides. Guidance on how to use facilities is given and if necessary, supervised.

Depending on their needs, students within the centre can access mainstream classes and support classes in particular areas. Some students participate in L1LP/L2LP blended program. This is done in consideration of certain criteria.

Integration and reverse integration are highly important and is done individually under the guidance/discretion of the AEN team. (Additional Educational Support Team)



Sensory Room

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Soft Play

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Life Skills



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