St. Conleth’s Community College is a state, co-educational, multi-denominational school underpinned by the core values of:

  • Excellence in Education 
  • Care 
  • Equality 
  • Community
  • Respect. 

What is ethos?

Ethos is how we live, work, and relate to each other in our school community. While it encompasses the curriculum and how it is taught, ethos is broader than this. It also relates to shared core values, the hidden curriculum, decision-making processes, and the relationships that underpin the daily life of school.

Our Core Values:

Excellence includes excellence in education, training, and support. The core values of care, respect, community, and equality underpin it. Excellence encompasses outcomes, experiences, and expectations of the people involved.

Care is about the welfare, well-being, and safety of all involved in education and training. It is exemplified in meaningful relationships, connectedness, empathy, and support and solidarity.

Equality is about treating everyone equally and recognising and celebrating the diversity of those involved in education, training, and youth work. It is exemplified by targeting resources at those who need them and prioritising a culture of inclusion.

Community encompasses learners, their families, staff, and the local communities where our services are based. It is about having a shared vision, values, and purpose, a sense of belonging, and a voice that is listened to. It is exemplified in productive collaboration, positive contributions, and effective stakeholder communication.

Respect is about upholding the dignity, rights, and recognition of the identity and background of all those involved in education, training, and youth work. It is exemplified in relationships between all stakeholders, and decision-making that impacts positively on the rights, feelings, and aspirations of the diversity of people.

May 27
School Awards
May 28
Summer Exams
May 31
School Holidays
Sep 11
PLC Induction Week
Information meeting for the Further Education Wider Options Course
Second year business class have been involved in a number of visits to the Kerry facility in Naas to learn about food science, business and the variety of careers available in such a company.
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